What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

So as our first year is coming to a close I would like to say we didn’t have any problems. That would have been great but not realistic. There is a learning curve for first time RV’rs and a little thing called Murphy’s Law. As our rig is a 2006, maintenance issues were anticipated. You just have to be in the mindset that things will go wrong and what is the best way to deal with them when they do.

The following is a list of, let’s call them challenges that we had to address and overcome.

  1. On our way from Tampa to Vero Beach, Florida we stopped at an RV park along the way. We unhitched our Jeep Wrangler and proceeded to shift the transfer case into gear. It was very difficult and then the cable broke leaving it in neutral and unable to be driven. We hooked it back up to the motor coach and proceeded to our site. I called Vero Beach Jeep and made an appointment the next day. We dropped it off on our way to the next campground and it was repaired the following day. Price for the repair $0 because of our extended warranty.
  2. From Vero Beach, Florida to Las Vegas, Nevada as we are going through Houston, Texas on route 10, the turbo stopped working on the motor coach. We were in 6 lanes of traffic going 70mph and the best we could do was 40mph. Not a safe situation. We limped off in a “not so good” part of town and found a garage. After talking to a truck driver we concluded it was a fuel filter problem. I found an extra in the back compartment of the coach, replaced it and we were on our way again. Price $0.
  3. On our way back home to Syracuse, NY from Las Vegas, Nevada we stopped at a campground near St. Louis. While we were there we started having electrical problems in the coach. A 30a breaker constantly tripped leaving us without power. This happened even under a small load. We took it to a local RV repair but they said there was no problem and it must be the parks power. We continued on and were plagued with this problem on and off for a few more months. Price $400. Our extended warranty for the coach didn’t cover this.
  4. While parked at a campground near St. Louis, Mo. One of our jack springs broke. I would now have to get under the coach and help the jack up with a 2×4. An inconvenience but not a necessity to get repaired at this time.
  5. Preparing for our next leg for the fall of 2016 I tried to fire up the generator to see if it was ready to go. It would only run for a few seconds and shut off. I purchased a new fuel filter and replaced it as well as change the oil and oil filter. After completion the generator ran like new and this problem was fixed. Price for filters and oil about $50.
  6. On our way from Decatur, Tennessee to Orlando, Florida our Jeep Wrangler started blowing out transmission fluid as we were towing it. We dropped it of at a Jeep dealer in Orlando on the way to our campground. They gave us a loaner as they fixed the Jeep. A new transmission later we had our Jeep back. Price $110. The price I had to pay to drain and replace the transfer case fluid. The extended warranty saved us a $6200 repair bill!
  7. A short stop in Tampa on our way to Las Vegas for maintenance and warranty issues where we bought the coach would set us back about $1200. The total bill was $2300 with the extended warranty picking up the tab for the remainder. Our 30a breaker and jack spring problem are now repaired!

As you can see full time traveling is not without its problems. When I think of maintenance costs for a vehicle and a house, I still think we are much better off and don’t regret it in the least. With the purchase of extended warranties on both the coach and the Jeep was definitely a smart choice!