Navigating Covid19 in an RV

We are constantly being asked how we are staying safe during this pandemic. Actually living in an RV gives us the ability of maintaining social distancing to whatever degree we feel safe. Most RV parks have taken precautions such as online check-in and check-out, completed check-in packets outside on arrival, office barriers with masks and limited entrance to 25% or less, etc..

We have been taking the precautions very seriously as we are the age of the most vulnerable. We take day trips to outdoor areas such as state and national parks where interaction with other people is very limited or nonexistent. We order anything we need online to limit the need to go into stores. We order our groceries online and pick them up in designated areas at the grocery store. Most restaurants have delivery or outside pickup available. When we get anything from a drive-through we make sure we where our masks and use hand sanitizer.

Most campers are very respectful of private space during these times and maintain a safe distance. Amenities at campgrounds have been limited and activities temporarily on hold.

With  the distribution of vaccines we hope this will all be over soon. Until then we will keep trying to stay as safe as possible.