Lakeside RV Park

Address5870 Homestead Rd, Pahrump, NV 89048

Hours: Open 24 hours / Office:9 to 5

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  • Complimentary wireless internet access
  • 159 Sites
  • Full service hook ups - 30 & 50 amp
  • Concrete Patios
  • 3 comfort stations/laundry rooms
  • Swimming pool and hot tub
  • Catch and release fishing
  • Lake House available for reservations



Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars

We came here to check things out last year when staying in an RV park in Las Vegas. We come every year from northern New York to visit our kids and grandkids in Las Vegas. We usually only stay a few weeks and leave shortly after the new year usually heading to Florida before returning home to New York in May. This year however because of Covid-19 we decided to stay until April.

Park amenities are reduced due to Covid-19 protocols. The sites are a good size comparatively speaking, this is not the typical casino parking lot RV park. Full service hookups are power, water and sewer. It does not include cable hookup. The infrastructure is here with cable hookup but does not have a provider. I guess it was used with the previous owners. This can be problematic as many trees block satellite signals and antenna is limited to just a few stations and not very well. For those that are thinking, you're camping what do you need tv for, many of us are full timers and require it just as you do at your house. Due to this we depend on a good WiFi signal. The signal here is usually very good. Enough to stream your Roku or Firestick and still able to manage a few websites from the computer. I did however have an issue with the signal a few times. I called the office and it didn't seem to be a high priority for them. Eventually the next day it was better. Expect slower speeds during early evenings and weekends as the system gets overloaded. They also change the password every month on no specific day or time. Just all of a sudden it will stop working and you'll have to call for the new password if they're open. Because they call it "complimentary" it gives them an out as far as providing good constant service. But beleive us, in the end your still paying for it.

Near our site was a pretty nice playground for the kids. I took my granddaughter over to play and we saw there was flag type ribbon around it. There were no signs of any type saying it was closed and determined the ribbon just designated the area. She played for about and hour as I watched carefully. When she had enough we left for the day. The next day they had put up metal fencing with signs saying it was closed. I assumed it was because of Covid-19 and we found something else to do. A couple of days later a work crew came in and tore the whole thing down. According to one of the seasonal campers  some kid had gotten hurt back in October and they just decided to tear it down. The plan now is a pickleball court. No more playground for the kids.

The spring fed lake (pond) is very green and I'm sure it's due to the lack of rain, we are in the desert after all. Swimming pool, hot tub, boat and kayak rentals were suspended to due Covid-19 but if you had your own boat you could go ahead and launch it. The lake is full of wild life (birds). Many complain about the bird poop but if you live or camp near the water you know it's just a necessary evil. Washing down the sidewalks every day would be helpful though.

During the winter months the nighttime temperatures can get down below freezing. Many people heat with propane in their RV's and it is necessary to fill up from time to time. I asked at the office if they had a delivery service and was told no. Usually RV parks of this caliber have a service on hand especially for the price you pay. I asked if I could have a delivery service come in and was also told no. Being that we are in an RV with a tank permanently installed we now have to break down our site, pack everything up inside, put in slide outs and unhook everything. The propane fill attached to the casino gas station was not in service so we had to find somewhere else to get propane. This might not seem like a big deal but when you're here for 4 months it gets a little frustrating.

Security is constantly driving around the park. At no time did I feel unsafe or threatened in any way. The park is very quiet at night and we were able to sleep very well.

Don't expect to have mail delivered here. We ordered some medicine for our dog being delivered by Amazon but unknown to us they have USPS deliver it at the end. Instead of just calling us and letting us know our package was here and they don't normally handle mail they had it returned. This was not good for our dog. They do allow UPS and FedEx deliveries just as long as they complete the delivery to your site.

Don't expect a picnic table or fire ring at your site. The only sites that have a picnic table is the Super Premium site with a Super Premium cost. There are some community picnic tables throughout the park by the water. Most parks we stay at at least have a picnic table at each site. Campfires in a lot of dry areas throughout the country prone to wildfires are not allowed and we get that, however it must be ok here as seasonal campers installed their own.

I had asked the office if it was ok to rinse the front of my motorhomes windshield to get rid of the bird poop and was told no. I can understand after all it is the desert. However my next door neighbor would run his hose for a couple of days watering the trees at his site. I do see RV wash services driving around every day trying to drum up business, also at a premium price.

Pros: Aesthetically appealing, casino with restaurant, good size site, fishing, clean bathrooms and laundry, sidewalk around the lake, security.

Cons: High cost, no cable, no fire ring, picnic table only at super premium site, no propane fill to the site, no playground, WiFi password changes whenever, key code for bathrooms and laundry change whenever, poor customer service.